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Painting cabin configurator for Blowtherm

Design | UI | UX | E-commerce | Hosting
Internal offer system for sales representatives


Blowtherm is a world leader in the production of paint booths in the automotive and industrial sectors. Our job was to create a painting cabin configurator for this company. The implementation includes the design and creation of an internal offer system that is used by employees from the sales department. Such an automation of the valuation process speeds up work for sales representatives and limits the risk of making mistakes while making an offer.

The configurator we created for Blowtherm allows its users to create a quote for a painting booth on their own in just a few minutes. The configurator excludes the possibility of making a mistake when creating and generating an offer. Therefore, it is a very helpful tool for employees with less experience who are just learning and are more likely to make mistakes when creating offers for customers.

The sales representative follows the step-by-step process of creating a quote. Making an offer with the configurator is faster and easier than the traditional method. Our tool generates an offer that contains pictures and descriptions and can be downloaded as a PDF. The generated offer is saved in the system, and other employees from the sales department can view it. This functionality is useful, for example, during the absence of the employee who was responsible for creating the offer.

The configuration of the spray booths is a modern solution, which allows Blowtherm to be more competent and improve customer service. We create a system on a few levels. Each level offers from a dozen to several dozen options to choose from. Our tool can generate offers in millions of different variants.

The configurator for painting cabins for Blowtherm is also integrated with GUS. The sales representative doesn't need to enter customer data by hand. The only thing he needs is an NIP number, and all other information will show up in the form. The system also allows you to assign discounts to ready-made offers. The representative can add a discount on individual products or on the whole without having to create the entire offer from scratch.


Ability to generate offers in numerous variants
Ability to preview and edit generated offers
Reduction of valuation process from few hours to 15 minutes 
Automatic  offert PDF generation inculding pictures and product description
We have created similar solutions for companies from the steel, heavy industry and educational sectors
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